TBird Logos

Posted: August 14, 2008 in General Thunderbird, Thunderbird 3 (Shredder)

I had mentioned in the TBird 3 (Shredder) Alpha 2 Released post, I was not too thrilled with the ‘new’ logo. As it turns out this is not a new logo after all. Kevin left the following comment:

That’s actually a really old logo. They used it a long time ago and must be using it again for trunk development.

Further after I posted about “The Logo” in the CyberNet Forum, I was directed to A History of Thunderbird (Wikipedia). Turns out this indeed the original logo:

Click for full-size

I am just trying to understand why they are using this old logo in the trunk builds. I sure hope they are not planning on going old school with the TBird logo. It is bad enough they changed the program icons (hopefully these are just for the Trunk Builds as well):


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